2017: following God

As I prepare my heart to embark on my fourth spring in Haiti, I know this has changed me forever. I am scarred and eternally free. I can't go back to my fancy job now. I've given up the life I'm told my kids deserve. I could never be convinced to live peacefully in the status quo again. There's a mourning that takes place as I surrender to the freedom these scars earned me- because I know I will be lost in relationships, confused in many social settings, and sad that some just won't ever get it. We have too much. We need to simplify. Consumerism is the tree that grew from the root of all evil. 

Ironically, this is the first HM spring that I've had complete peace. Do we have everything we need for 2017? We don't. But, after four years- I know we will.

God will provide everything we need to get the job done. That's His jam.

It's a true gift to live a life dependent on God's provision for every moment. He sends people. He uses people. He speaks to people. And time and time again- I see these people hear His voice. They long to hear Him... and they do. This is the praise that overrides the mourning. God is LOVE. Amazon Prime can distract those who want to be distracted- but there are so many amazing people waiting for God to use them in every capacity.

Those people have cemented my faith and trust in this God I am serving. This God I am following. This God I am trusting. This God I am surrendering to again. 

Haiti Mama has always been Yours. I have been following you with my jaw dropped open on an amazing journey. Thank you for letting me be this mama. Thank you for malaria, pistols in the dark, painful separations from my children, and inconceivable betrayal. I know you more now than I ever did before. More than I ever could have.
Thank you for Ander and Anderson, Baby, Literson, Saraphina, Osnel, Mama Jacky, Junior, Mackenwood, Mackenson, Lucner, Deja, Andy, Mama Andy, Mama Nickelson, J Mac. Thank you for every other life I've watched you dramatically change in the last three years. You are a good, good, Father. How do I explain all these miracles? How do I help people see how amazingly faithful you are? I will continue to shout your praise. I will continue to serve you- because you love us. Guide us in YOUR TIMING toward every miracle you're working on. Haiti Mama will always be Yours. It's a waste if it's not your plan, my God. 
- Mama Tausha 

I sat down to write a blog about Haiti Mama's strategic plan for 2017. But, this is it for now- we're going to keep following God with our jaws dropped open. Thank you for being a part of this work. Thank you for loving these families with us.

Here's to another jaw dropping year of Haiti Mama! 



Tausha Pearson