2017 | January Notes

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January 16th:  

One of my founding Board Member's once said: "Taush, at some point, there will be people that give $400 to $500 a month. It'll happen." 

Today- it happened. A family upped their donation to $400/month. A family that started giving $80 in 2014. It's surreal to fulfill a founding father's prophecy. There are real people on this journey with us. I am honored by all of them.

Lord, thank you for our grassroots. 

 January 17th: 

Today I met with Missions Team and Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Fergus Falls, MN. I love every single person sitting around that table today. They all managed to love me unconditionally through my 20's. They allow me to be brutally honest about the things that confuse or frustrate me. They are incredibly supportive and genuine people. 

I'm praying Cornerstone will partner with Haiti Mama more in the future.  

January 20th:  

Everest, Miles and I took the redeye out of Minneapolis and landed in Haiti at 9AM this morning. We decided we felt like Time Travelers all day, because we couldn't figure out time. Sleep deprivation is a hellofa drug. Miles asked "how many days have we been in Haiti?" after lunch. I was like "It's naptime!"

The property we are working to turn into Haiti Mama headquarters is a sanctuary. Saraphina was shockingly heavy when I picked her up. I couldn't believe how much weight she's gained during my Holiday break. My team here is amazing- they love her so much. 

The Subaru needs work. I'm praying God sends the right mechanic to have her running like the machine she's meant to be. 

I forgot how quickly my boys become flilthy in the developing world. But- little boys meant to be dirty. 

 january 21st:

8 Months ago: I sat here and wrote Supported-Self Employment Plans for parents' small businesses. They had to engage in the whole process alongside their self-identified support team. We established measurable 6 month objectives. I established profit and loss projections for products our parents and social workers researched.

After my most valiant effort to control variables- I learned:

1. Mamas' confidence and self worth significantly increase by working.

2. Low profit margins + Unpredictable Poverty = Bankruptcy 100% of the time.

8 Months ago- I had no clue what God was doing. Yet, here I sit; excited about job creation through disability care.

It's my Senior Year. 

Tausha Pearson