Vintage Red & Gold Tin Earrings

Vintage Red & Gold Tin Earrings


These one of a kind earrings are made from hand selected tin. There are several variations made from this tin reflected in the pictures.

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T199(Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T198 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T200 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T201 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T153 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T189 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T178 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T186 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T149 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)
T112 (Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25”)

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