Disability Care

In 2016, we opened doors for a Disability Care Center in Petionville, Haiti, this program provides sustainable employment solutions for mamas using their God-given gifts of care-giving; while providing life and love to children abandoned and neglected with disabilities. 


the story 

In 2016, we witnessed the death of several children with disabilities who suffered neglect and malnutrition in an orphanage. This moved us to intervene on behalf of two children abandoned by their families, suffering in the same institution. Every institution we contacted providing care for children with special needs was already over capacity. 

We launched our own disability care program to save two lives, and now this program provides employment to five mamas and serves four children and one adult.  


Children in Our Care

We provide 1:1 Care, full medical services, physical therapy, specialized diets, and all the love these kids deserve. We are working to find each child's family and will integrate our reunification services and family support services when possible. 

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