It all started when...

We found Jacky sleeping on the streets.
He was terrified. Hungry. And hiding something. We learned that his mama lost her house in the earthquake, he was then sent to live with his father. His father gave him to a wealthier family as a resevek (child slave). While living as a resevek, Jacky was abused and neglected. One day, he stole enough money from the family to escape, and returned to his fathers house. His father threatened to kill him for stealing, and sent him to the streets. Enter: Haiti Mama.

Our Social Workers traced Jacky's mama to an earthquake tent city. After 4 years of separation, abuse, and exploitation, Jacky ran to his mamas arms when we finally found her.

In 2015, God provided this family with a significant one-time donation that allowed us to move them into a real home, and allowed us educate the entire family for one a year.

Jacky's long term goal is to have a job in the U.S., so that he can send money home for his brothers and sisters.

He's an incredible kid.