2017 | Year End Report

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2017 Year End Report

R E U N I T E  | R E H A B I L I T A T E  | R E S T O R E


a note from our founder: 

T A U S H A  P E A R S O N 

Greetings, dear friends :

What an honor it has been to serve our children and families in our fourth year of Haiti Mama. 2017 was our best year yet. 75% of our families are now employed through employment opportunities your contributions allowed us to create and maintain. While developing our family service model in 2014, we set a goal to see 65% of HM families sustainably employed within three years. Reaching this goal is a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

As a single mama, it brings tearful joy to see my mamas who can’t read or write use their abilities to provide for their families.

As a Social Worker, I am immensely proud of our practice model. What a worthy cause we’ve been bestowed to reunite mamas with their babies.

In 2017, we realized, the most remarkable attribute of Haiti Mama is the FAMILY we’ve created. You included. We talk about you, we celebrate your generosity in times of crisis, our families pray for you; if they ever have the chance to meet you, they will thank you.

Thank you for loving these families with us.  May God continue to sustain them. Now, with a strong team and just cause, I promise to be ethical, honest, wisdom-seeking, and recklessly loving for another year as the Executive Director of this beautiful family.

with creativity + kindness




When roots are deep, we have no reason to fear the wind.

These services represent the foundation of our mission:  restoring families. We use evidence + community-based-social work to bring families back together.  HM provides the support necessary for displaced families to find stability, including : housing grants, medical assistance, malnutrition services, vocational planning,  family wellness checks + home visits. In 2017, we consciously limited family intakes, in order to focus on job creation for families already receiving services.



HM offers education to every child and adult we serve. {Poverty} rehabilitation services are individualized, and employment driven. Each person has unique strengths and dreams, our services empower them to achieve their self-identified goals through education.


In 2017 : Megan Word, MSW, completed Individualized Education Plans for all of our K-12 students. These plans allow us to focus their education toward employment.




Through a generous donation of laptops for Fergus Falls Public Schools, Talia Pearson and Nate Donoho began computer, typing and English classes with our students.


Registered Nurse, Alix Comeau held health and sexual education courses for students ages 12+ on Haiti Mama’s campus.


In, 2017, HM tripled the amount of people on our payroll through job creation programs. With both American and Haitian partners, we began the production of handmade jewelry and metal home decor, the sales of which currently provide jobs for 15 individuals. We are focused on increasing our capacity in sales of our Haitian made products to continue providing jobs in Haiti.


D I S A B I L I T Y  C A R E

In 2017, we began providing residential services for five children with profound disabilities that were severely neglected and on the brink of starvation. Saraphina, Charlie, Mackenwood, Junior and Bens have been a beautiful addition to the Haiti Mama family. They were all in medical crisis and malnourished when they arrived. We worked tirelessly to find the resources needed to stabilize them. Since, American RN, Alix, joined us in September, there have been zero hospitalizations. Each child has gained an average of six pounds in our care this year. The non-scale victories regarding their mood, energy, skin, stamina, awareness, social responsiveness and communication have been truly awesome.  

This program offers full time employment to six mamas currently as we provide a 1 : 1 care ratio. This is all made possible by our sponsors, who have empowered us through their love and support of this program. In Haiti, many stigmas remain concerning disabilities, but our mamas love these kids as their own and it is inspiring.



Haiti Mama’s Disability Care program was the recipient of $10K grant from KIND Snacks in June 2017. We used these funds to purchase therapeutic equipment for the kids, and provide extensive training for our caretakers.



Haiti Mama devotes all expenditures to program development which leads to the economic success of the kids and families of Haiti Mama and the community of Haiti. Our focus is to provide opportunities for everyone served by Haiti Mama to live a better life and be empowered with the resources they need to ensure their success. We are a 501(c)(3) registered charity.

Expenditures in 2017 were broken out into four categories, disability care, education, family, and administration. Disability Care: (41.8%) Includes full-time care for our kids with disabilities including staff, physical therapy, medication, dental, equipment needs, furnishings, clothing, food, and shelter. Education: (39.1%) Includes tuition, uniforms, equipment, supplies, transportation, and staff training. Family (12.9%) Includes staff, transportation, medical, dental, education/training, clothing, food, supplies, equipment, and shelter. Administration (6.2%) Includes staff salaries for our Executive Director, and overhead expenses such as fundraising.

We have an excellent plan and very positive outlook for 2018. We have honed in our programs to focus on those that have made the families and kids of Haiti Mama most successful. We are embarking on a new property in Haiti that will be more affordable and drive the cost of living for our teams and families down. We are so excited about what 2018 will bring!

Thank you for loving these families with us,

Nicole Stafford MBA, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Board Chair
Tiffany Province, Board Director
Samantha Fullerton, MSW, Board Director
Janessa Ormsby, Board Director
Talia Pearson, Board Director


Tausha Pearson