God is Fierce.

Abby Duran studies Social Work in Chicago, and interned with Haiti Mama over the summer of 2016. We are patiently awaiting her return.

God is Fierce.

I never thought about using that word to describe God, but the more life I live, the more I realize this to be true. God is fierce in His love, in His power, and in His presence. God has used my time in Haiti over these past four years, particularly my time with Haiti Mama, to demonstrate this.

Junior and Saraphina Judeline were in bad shape when I met them this summer. They weren’t cared for, held, loved, or even truly named. Over the month and a half I spent with them, I became acutely aware of the trauma they had been through.

I know that God is good. I know that He brings hope. But looking at the two of them, I was scared. I knew that I should have hope, and I did, but there were many moments when I doubted and feared that God would not come through for them. Despite my faith in God’s love and deliverance, fear continued to creep up.

By the time I left, Junior had gained two pounds, which was a huge step. Both kids had completed crisis care and were on their way to prearranged homes. But my heart was heavy because I didn’t know what was next for either of them.

Over the five months since I left Haiti to return to school, there have been many ups and downs, particularly for Saraphina, that I have witnessed from the sidelines. And today she is fat. I cannot begin to express how much joy that brings me. She is happy and cared for and sitting upright. She is loved and part of a family. Saraphina Judeline was once abandoned, neglected, and parentless. Yet here she is today in all her chubby glory, with people who love her in a stable home.

Through both her progress and Junior’s, God has been practically hitting me over the head with the knowledge of his fierce, powerful love.

He. Is. Fierce. I have no idea how and when I will continue to see that fierceness in Haiti, but I know that I will see it. He will deliver and redeem more kids’ lives because that is what a fierce God does. Period.

That fierceness will not stop with Saraphina Judeline. It will not stop with Junior or with Mackenwood. Looking ahead, I see Haiti Mama continuing to offer itself and its team as a conduit for some of the best, most amazing, badass fierceness that God does.

Working alongside Haiti Mama is like striking gold within the NGO community of Haiti. Haiti Mama is rare in that it’s mission has caught on to something that so many others have failed to grasp. They run full steam ahead with the knowledge that God’s fierce love and power are already awaiting their mamas, their families, and so many other children with disabilities.

And as Tausha, her social workers, and Haiti Mama’s board plunge into the year ahead, God’s fierceness will continue to meet them. I hope to be part of that fierceness again so soon. M’ap vini.


“His love is deep, His love is wide and it covers us

His love is fierce, His love is strong, it is furious

His love is sweet, His love is wild and it’s waking hearts to life”


Tausha Pearson