Hurricane Orphans

There's been another great disaster in Haiti. Entire villages destroyed. No food. No water. No emergency rooms. Cholera. 1000 deaths and counting. Over 20,000 people homeless. 

Haiti needs our help. Again. 


We built tent cities and left victims without water, sanitation or electricity, education or medical to figure it out for themselves. We removed children from their families without authority. We're now raising 32,000 children in institutions. 26,000 of them have families. We donated over a billion dollars in aid, BIG NGO's we considered reputable built six houses. Our churches built 760 orphanages. 

Do you see what happened?  

Donations were used for profit.  

Children went into orphanages.  

Parents went into displacement camps.  


Don't make a donation. Invest in a plan. Ask yourself:  

  • Will my contribution empower a family or community?  
  • Will my donation create employment for Haitians?  
  • Will my contribution support the local economy? 

If you can't answer yes to all three, your donation will potentially cause more problems for the people your trying to help. Empower families to rebuild their communities. 

In 2010, we created Earthquake Orphans. Spread the word, share the message. There are #nohurricaneorphans