The Do’s + Dont's


Cultural Competency:

the Do’s and Don’ts

of Family Services 

In 2014, 1 American Social Worker and 4 Haitian Social Work students began work to develop a culturally competent, data-driven, service model to reunite families in Haiti separated by homelessness, exploitation and institutionalization. They called it Haiti Mama. 

The efficacy of Haiti Mama’s model is measured by participants’ progress toward self-sustainability while receiving three years of evidence-based services.

Evidence-based Practices include:

  • housing grants utilizing the Housing First model

  • community-based support emphasizing Systems Theory

  • vocational services utilizing the Supported Employment Model

  • Individualized Support Plans utilizing the practices of Assertive Community Treatment.

The services above have proven efficacy in the US; in the last four years, Haiti Mama has utilized those strategies to develop culturally competent practices for Haitian families.


Tausha Pearson and Haiti Mama’s founding social workers present the Do’s and Don'ts learned in their work reuniting 47 families in Haiti. 

 Session Presenters:

Tausha Pearson, Founder and Social Worker

Stevenson Henry, Co-Founder, Team Leader

Patrick Nerestant, Co-Founder, Education SW 

Max Malebranche, Co-Founder, Medical SW 


Haiti Mama, is a 501c3 functioning in Port au Prince Haiti, and is registered in Haiti with IBESR and the Ministry of Social Affairs as ORRF.


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