the box that creates jobs in haiti

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Job creation

Every product in our box is directly sourced in Haiti and empowers Haitian parents. 80% of the kids in orphanages have families. Parents need jobs, not orphanages. The beauty of Mama to Mama is 100% of subscription revenue is reinvested to create jobs for the people in Haiti. You’ll spend $236 to receive 4 boxes in 1 year. That’s not a lot. But she’ll be able pay for her kid’s school tuition + uniform and she’ll stop worrying that her kid needs an orphanage to be educated.

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Subscription info

Mama to Mama Box is delivered 4 times a year:
Each box will include 5-6 products from Haiti valued at $180.
Each box costs you $59 + shipping.
You can cancel your subscription anytime.
There are two payment options:
1. $59 every 3 months
2. $23 monthly


Mama to mama

Join the movement. The only way we can change the orphanage system is to support the alternatives. We’ve partnered with other organizations in Haiti who share our mission of job creation to connect you to as many mamas as possible + we know you’ll love their products as much as we do! The more mamas that subscribe, the more mamas we employ. It is our great honor to facilitate a connection between you.