It all started when...

When Oldsen's brother Nickelson showed up at Haiti Mama and nervously explained that he and his 4 siblings were sleeping on the streets with their mama. That night, HM Executive Director, Tausha, went out to see for herself. She found a family of 6 sleeping in plastic on a sidewalk.


We learned that the children's father had died. After funeral costs, mama was left with the decision to pay rent or her children's tuition. She chose their education and sent her kids to school every morning from the street.

Mama Nicole has shown us great capacity as a single mama. In 2017, she will begin training in disability care services. She would like to become a foster mama to a child with disabilities.

Olden is in 5th grade. He has attended a very nice Catholic school his whole life - thanks to his mother's amazing sacrifices. Because he is doing so well in his classes, he is one of the select kids we will continue to send to Haitian school.