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the orphanage alternative  



What We Do


Family Services

We provide a community-based service alternative to orphanages. We work to reunite children with kin, rehabilitate impoverished parents, and restore broken family systems. 


 Our Education Program is designed to break the cycle of generational poverty through employment through reading, writing, and vocational training.


We strive to offer Haitians opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. Currently 75% the families we work with have received employment through Haiti Mama.



We offer specialized, 1-on-1 care for children with disabilities and a history of neglect or abandonment. The program also offers sustainable employment for their caretakers.


Bringing Back Family

Can you imagine the world without your mama?
80% of children institutionalized in orphanages have families in the community. Parents are just too poor to feed and educate their kids. Orphanages are an out-dated solution to poverty. Children need their family; mamas deserve to be mamas. 

We provide a community-based service alternative. We work to reunite children with kin, rehabilitate impoverished parents, and restore broken family systems. Our services empower each client to meet their own individualized goals for sustaining themselves and their families. We are committed to ethical practices that show dignity to the people we serve.  


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In their words...

"Since 2014, Haiti Mama has been addressing endemic poverty through actions of solidarity, love, and education, leading to a culture of sharing and dignity for all. Success must be like our daily bread, we can't fail because (we at Haiti Mama) are their last chance and hope to stay alive." 

- Patrick, Haitian Social Worker

"I was living on the streets. What Haiti Mama did for me - they brought me home. Now I stand as a person among people. I feel at ease. I can say life has become a gentle breeze."

- Anderson, 15 Year Old

"I was sleeping on the street with five children for three months. The only one there for us was Jesus. And now, Haiti Mama."

- Mama Nickelson

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