Family Services

At Haiti Mama, we work as a community to take children living on the streets or in orphanages and reunite them with their families. Then, working collaboratively, we provide them with means and methods to thrive as a family unit.



In Haiti, children are displaced from their family for a multitude of reasons. The simplest answer: POVERTY. We've adapted a research-based, community social work model to function in congruency to the complexities of Haiti and employ Haitian social workers to provide culturally competent family services. 


Child Protection

Through street outreach and weekly home visits, we work diligently to ensure the children we serve are being cared for. Due to cultural norms and lack of education, parents often consider physical abuse an effective form of discipline. We meet with parents in their homes for abuse/neglect training and consistent caregiver support.



Housing & Medical

Housing: We provide income-based housing grants for our program participants. Our model is created with the intention for them to incrementally move towards sustainable housing independence. 

Medical: Poverty causes preventable death. It is our ethical and moral responsibility to provide the medical resources, funds and referrals our families need to live. 



If parents had jobs, there wouldn't be orphanages and foreign aid wouldn't be necessary. Unemployment rates hover around 75% in Haiti. Economic development is crucial. The caregivers of our families set their own vocational goals; we set the objectives and offer the resources to help them achieve those goals. 



We offer spiritual and mental health support to everyone we serve. From praying with a mama in her home for her families safety, to bringing teenage boys to counseling services -- we strive to be a force of light and love through service.