Our Story


A Note From Our Founder, Tausha Pearson

In 2014, these four men agreed to teach me their culture, and I promised to help them find Social Work internships. In the process, we visited countless orphanages together. One orphanage caused so much heartache. Patrick (far right) exclaimed,

"I'm not going to any more orphanages! Why is my country allowing this? These kids are suffering and they have families!!"

That was the day we decided to build an alternative solution.
That was the day we started working to reunite families.

In October of 2016, we celebrated a huge milestone and became registered to provide Family Reunification and Rehabilitation services with the Haitian Government. 

In Haiti, we're known as: Oganizyason Reyabilitation ak Regwoupman Famni. (ORRF). Because according the Haitian Government, Haiti Mama is not a name.
Our Social Workers are the founder of ORRF and Stevenson, Malebranche, and Patrick are the current directors. They have guided every step we've taken to build a family-service model in their homeland. I am incredibly proud of these men, the integrity of their work, and the dignity and worth they hold for every person we serve. 


Haiti Mama has grown in so many ways since the founding of ORRF. We have taken on more staff, established a board of directors, acquired a property, begun education and employment programs, partnered with local businesses, created a disability care program, brainstormed and dreamed about future plans, had our fair share of set-back, and most importantly our Haiti Mama family has been growing. We have been able to work with many more Haitian families as well as receive an unbelievable amount of support from our growing Haiti Mama family in the States. 

These are exciting and crazy times at Haiti Mama, follow along with us:







(R to L) Stevenson, Malebranche, Rony and Patrick:
Four selfless, honest leaders that will undoubtedly make a powerful impact on Haiti in their lifetime. " 


Featured Story, Jacky




We found Jacky sleeping on the streets.
He was terrified. Hungry. And hiding something. We learned that his mama lost her house in the earthquake, he was then sent to live with his father. His father gave him to a wealthier family as a resevek (child slave). While living as a resevek, Jacky was abused and neglected. One day, he stole enough money from the family to escape, and returned to his fathers house. His father threatened to kill him for stealing, and sent him to the streets. Enter: Haiti Mama.

Our Social Workers traced Jacky's mama to an earthquake tent city. After 4 years of separation, abuse, and exploitation, Jacky ran to his mamas arms when we finally found her.

In 2015, God provided this family with a significant one-time donation that allowed us to move them into a real home, and allowed us educate the entire family for one a year.

Jacky's long term goal is to have a job in the U.S., so that he can send money home for his brothers and sisters.

He's an incredible kid.