Haiti's education system needs reform

Curriculum and teaching methods are outdated and ineffective. Children speak Haitian Kreyol, but learn to read and write in French at school. Corporal punishment is used for academic discipline. Schools are privatized; and too costly for most of the population living on $2/day. Teachers are not educated. Uniform policies cause truancy. Children are not taught critical thinking or problem solving skills.  

Barriers for the children we serve:

  • Multi-generational illiteracy
  • Systematic oppression
  • Classism
  • 85% of households are unemployed
  • 100% K-12 students are 3 or more grades behind their peer groups
  • Malnutrition, trauma, and poverty reduce academic performance


Our Education Program is designed to give these kids more than a diploma. It's designed to break the cycle of generational poverty through employment.

 Click photo to read his story. 

 Click photo to read his story.